Portal Quest might just be one of the oldest original unofficial full length Minecraft animated projects in the works, if not the oldest. Starting out as what was supposed to be a paperback comic book series has became a full blown project over the years and it may just as well be the biggest one out there. Since it's creation back in 2013 there has been many attempts to get the project completed but all were failures, however, on each and every attempt giving a change to make the project better and better. This time, Portal Quest is going as an independent staffed project to ensure maximum efforts to get the first part fully released by 2025.

Portal Quest or PQ was created in 2013 by AvatarKage. It was originally just another random daydream world or thought that overtime became a reality. It was going to be a comic book series but time passed and it never happened, well, apart from a few pages that is. It was greatly inspired by popular mods during that time, one of them being the Ether modification for Minecraft 1.5.2 which it's thunder sword item gave the first part of Portal Quest it's title "Portal Quest: The Last Thundersword". It originally took place in a highly modified world in the current year of 2014 and 2015 as the general idea progressed and in 2015 it's first animation attempt took place and lasted no longer than 5 minutes. In short, it had no solid story, it was simply a world, an idea. It did however have a basic plot which is what kept it alive till this day.

A few years passed and Portal Quest went forgotten until 2017, this is when the main protagonist, Zachery 'Zac' Underwood was introduced and a few elements from the original modded idea were retrieved and a new world idea with a more advanced story line taking place in a medieval like era was created. The originally 2013 idea was based on Steve's (yes the actual Minecraft Steve) POV in the story and when Zac arrived into the picture a new POV was created leaving Steve's POV and the original protagonist characters forgotten. Rainimator was a big inspiration for the continued development of Portal Quest during that time. There was another animation attempt soon later but it failed pretty badly due to lack of resources, skill, and appropriate tools. The project at the time was meant to now be a music video series titled "Portal Quest: Reign of Cyfi" rather than a film series.

A couple years later during the summer of 2019, Portal Quest retuned to development once more only this time for real. A development name called the Portal Quest Project was created and a few people were recruited to join in on the project's development. Towards the end of the year, the project became into deeper and deeper development and more staff were recruited to join in forming what is now known as Portal Quest Studios (PQS). The following year, due to covid and other complications, the first part music video failed to make the release deadline in March 2020 and soon after the master piece movie "Songs of War" was released by Black Plasma Studios. This resulted in further thought of how Portal Quest could be illustrated as a series or perhaps returning to the original film idea and bringing back Steve and the other into the picture. From there on Zac's POV and Steve's POV were merged into the story and Steve who was originally just the regular Minecraft Steve became separated as an original character and was no longer Minecraft's Steve. Real progress started there but didn't last long due to other projects being co-produced at PQS. When AvatarKage resigned due to health reasons and handed over the studio to Caramellious on June 3, 2021, Portal Quest followed behind and was no longer affiliated with the studio once created to produce it.

In early 2022, Portal Quest was planned to be continued being written later in the year then released on Wattpad as the chapters got completed. A few months later on April 28, 2022, an announcement was put out that the Portal Quest Project was going independent as the project itself was just too big to be a 'project' in a studio. Going independent meant that the Portal Quest Project would be getting a dedicated staff solely on it's development and a separate social presence.